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Food News :: The NEW Monorail Dinner Party is a Real Thing & Happening Soon!

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. We finally have a Monorail Dinner Party… which actually sounds like a much better idea than the Monorail Dessert Party I predicted would happen several years ago. Beginning on December 2nd, 2016 and continuing through the foreseeable future (or at least on select Tuesday, Friday and Saturday evenings through March 2017) you can take part in the new "Highway in the Sky Dine Around". No, I'm not kidding. It's a five course, $150 (plus tax) trip around the Seven Seas Lagoon that will stop for sumptuous offerings at the big three ... ( read more ... )

Epcot's Refreshment Port

As the days dip down to the mid-80s here in Orlando and I ponder when to put the snow ties on the car, my thoughts always turn to covering things with cold soft serve ice cream. The problem when trying to catch a photo of anything topped with ice cream in Florida is the whole "melt factor". My wintery attempt to capture a well formed ice cream topper on one of Epcot's many delicious dessert snacks, was alas… not to happen this time. Perhaps I'll revisit you again in January dear Cronut, (if we get a day that drops below 70), and we'll be able to grab a shot of the velvety textured soft serve ice cream before it turns into a ... ( read more ... )

Epcot's New Year's Eve at Epcot World ShowPlace

Since around New Year's Eve 2000, the World ShowPlace building at Epcot has been hosting a buffet-style dining period. It's name has changed from time to time but the basic format stays about the same. I last attended the annual event a few years ago when the theme was "Fantasia". Since then a few people have asked what the event is like and if we've ever done a review or had photos. So, I'm posting that experience here, just to give everyone an idea about what to expect. The Fantasia theme has been dropped this year, in favor of a more Disney-wide theme, (both in the look of the event and in the cute food names), but the beginning ... ( read more ... )

Hollywood Studios' Rosie's All-American Café

Rosie's All-American Cafe is essentially a food ordering and distribution window in the Sunset Ranch Market area of Hollywood Studios. "Outside food-court" is going to more accurately describe the concept. The counter-service locations in this food court, suffer from the same issues as some of the other food court concepts at Disney parks. If everyone in your group wants something different, you'll be waiting in many different lines and windows for quite a bit of time. Those lines can be quite long at peak times, which seem to overburden the concept of "quick service", so my best advice… if you see more than five or six ... ( read more ... )

Magic Kingdom's Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

On a recent visit to Pecos Bills in the Magic Kingdom I noticed a few versions of their Beef Nachos that looked quite different from table to table (because, yes… I do look at other guests food as I'm walking through the restaurant). Back in the day, when Pecos Bill's was a little more Tex than Mex, you could get a "base burger" and then visit the toppings bar to customize your burger in a number of different ways. You can still do that today... but for some reason, it didn't dawn on me that you could also take your bowl of Beef Nachos to the toppings bar! That… is what accounted for the difference in what I was seeing ... ( read more ... )

Magic Kingdom's Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

After slurping my way through a somewhat melty ice cream sundae experience at Hollywood Scoops, I thought it would be a good time to re-visit the "better option" that I referred to in that review, which is the Magic Kingdom's "Plaza Ice Cream Parlor". On the end corner of Main Street (opposite Casey's Corner), The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor is in a location that you can't really miss. If you're at the end of Main Street and smell sauerkraut, you're on the wrong side. Just like most of my visits to the Plaza, there was a line starting to form outside the door. The reason for the line is a good one though… the ice cream here is not ... ( read more ... )

Epcot's Sunshine Seasons Lunch and Dinner

The one place you can count on to get a great quick-snack at Epcot is Sunshine Seasons. Especially if you don't know what you want. Savory items from the Oak Grilling station, more healthful salads and sandwiches, even Asian dishes like a Spicy Shrimp Stir-Fry or the Vegan Korma with Jasmine Rice… it's fun just strolling by the various cooking stations trying to sneak a peak at what the various options look like. Sometimes though, all you want is dessert… and fortunately, Sunshine Seasons has a dessert station just for those times! On a recent visit, I stopped in at dessert time (which is anytime you want) and decided ... ( read more ... )

Epcot Food & Wine Festival :: Epcot 2016 Food and Wine Festival Menu Boards

A few people have asked if I was going to post all of the menu boards (and therefore, the prices) for the kiosks and food booths around World Showcase at Epcot's 2016 Food and Wine Festival. Actually, I was quite surprised (and flattered) by just how many people asked if I was going to post them this year. As you may have noticed, we don't really have an "every single item at the festival" photo and rating system set up like we have in years past. That whole idea (and how it's presented) is being re-evaluated. In the meantime, I'm adding this single article page with all ... ( read more ... )
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